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Protective Riding Gear for Motorcyclists

Michael Snedeker is a certified business coach with ActionCOACH. When he is not imparting his business knowledge to ActionCOACH clients, Michael Snedeker enjoys spending time on his motorcycle.

Appropriate riding attire represents one of the most important steps toward motorcycle operator safety. As is the case with bicycles and alternate terrain vehicles (ATVs), a quality helmet is the single most important piece of safety equipment. Lightly colored helmets are preferable due to their improved visibility at night. If a helmet does not feature a visor or other form of eye protection, riders should invest in a pair of goggles in order to decrease the likelihood of temporary blindness during a ride.

Riders should also get in the habit of wearing brightly colored jackets fixed with reflective tape. Along with a light-colored helmet, bright colors draw attention to a motorcyclist during evening and late night rides. Jackets, as well as pants, should consist of leather or a similarly thick, durable material. Riding attire should cover a rider’s arms and legs in their entirety to avoid painful cuts and scrapes after a minor fall. Motorcyclists can further protect themselves by wearing gloves and over-the-ankle riding boots.


A Brief History of the Hail Mary Pass

A former Division I collegiate football player, Michael Snedeker currently works as a certified business coach with ActionCOACH. Outside of work, Michael Snedeker continues to follow sports such as hockey, basketball, and football.

One of the most thrilling plays in all of American football is the Hail Mary pass. Unlike most plays in a coach’s book, the Hail Mary is dictated almost entirely by circumstance and rarely involves much nuance or strategy. While different teams may make variations to improve the probability of a successful Hail Mary pass, the play often consists of all eligible receivers sprinting down field to the end zone as the quarterback throws a high arcing pass. Such passes generally travel in excess of 50 yards. The low likelihood of success limits the occurrence of Hail Mary passes to late-game situations in which the offensive team must score a touchdown quickly despite poor field position.

The first recognized Hail Mary pass was thrown four decades ago by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach. During a playoff game in Minnesota, the Cowboys faced a four-point deficit with only 24 seconds remaining. In an act of desperation, Staubach rifled a 50-yard pass to teammate Drew Pearson, who surprisingly caught the ball on the 3-yard line. Dallas went on to score in the closing seconds, delivering Minnesota an unlikely 17-14 defeat. Staubach later told reporters he had recited a Hail Mary prayer before the pass, giving the play its name.

Picking a Cigar

Michael Snedeker is a certified business coach through ActionCOACH, the world’s top business coaching franchise according to Entrepreneur Magazine. When he’s not working, Michael Snedeker enjoys riding motorcycles and collecting cigars.

Picking a good cigar is no easy matter. There are several steps to follow and unique preferences to take into account. The first thing to consider is the cigar’s body, which ranges from mild to full and should be both strong yet flavorful. The next important component is the size. Depending on the event or gathering, the cigar size should be larger or smaller in order to be fully enjoyed within given time restraints. For example, since it takes a few hours to smoke, a seven-inch cigar can be good choice for a round of golf. Remember that the length of the cigar is always given in inches and the diameter, called the “ring,” is measured in 1/60s of an inch.

Finally, be sure to look at the cigar’s rating, which is a Cigar Aficionado magazine-developed system that ranks cigars on a scale from 0 to 100. Cigars under 70 generally are not worth purchasing.

Success through Business Coaching

A small business owner with over 20 years of experience, Michael Snedeker has served as a certified business coach with ActionCOACH since 2014, helping his clients achieve their professional goals.

ActionCOACH is a world’s premier business-coaching firm, with offices in 59 countries across the globe. Guided by 14 culture points, the award-winning company strives to help its clients learn and grow in the pursuit of success. It works to provide improved team building, time management, and profits through its executive and business coaching programs.

Focused on small- and medium-sized businesses, the company’s business coaching programs include segments devoted to marketing, sales, and team building. Some programs, like the SeminarCLUB, teach groups and teams specific professional skills tailored to each client’s development goals. Others, like its signature program, offer one-on-one coaching sessions with guaranteed results.

The company keeps its clients engaged throughout the process and beyond with an extensive range of tools, from eBooks and master mentors to a business library and access to white papers.

A Newcomer’s Guide to Choosing a Good First Cigar

With many entrepreneurial tools at his disposal, Michael Snedeker uses the ActionCOACH system to encourage his clients to enjoy running their businesses. Michael Snedeker’s expertise includes team recruitment, advertising, and systems development.

In his spare time, Snedeker is a cigar connoisseur. What follows are some tips for beginners wishing to start off with a good cigar.

Finding a good first stogie is a matter of expectations. If you pay too much for a cigar you don’t like, it can affect how you feel about the next one. For this reason, spend about $5 to $8. You can find a high-quality cigar without damaging your budget.

The common advice to newcomers is to choose a mild cigar. However, if your taste runs toward strong experiences like coffee and cigarettes, you may wish to try a medium- or full-bodied brand.

If you can’t decide, try all three kinds. If you start with a mild cigar and find it unexceptional, move up to a stronger one.

Select your vendor with care. Find a tobacconist who will offer well-informed suggestions for your first smoke. Avoid gas stations and convenience stores; their cigars will be cheaper, but they will likely not be stored in humidors, which preserve flavor.

Affordable Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Experienced executive leader Michael Snedeker serves ActionCOACH as a certified business coach, assisting small business owners with systems and strategies for maximizing profit. In addition to focusing on the key areas of customer service, team building, recruitment, and system development, Michael Snedeker concentrates on maximizing the effectivity and affordability of marketing and advertising strategies.

Companies with a limited budget may be hesitant to finance a campaign for fear of high costs and low returns. However, there are a number of ways to determine a sensible marketing and advertising budget. Some organizations choose to follow the advice of the U.S. Small Business Administration and set aside 7 to 8 percent of their gross revenue for marketing and advertising campaigns. Start-ups and small businesses may choose to allocate a smaller percentage, depending on how competitive their industry is.

A business of any size should develop an Internet presence, including a website and e-mail access. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are also affordable and effective. Further, a company blog is a great way to keep the pulse of a business current, and business owners can post videos online on channels such as YouTube to acquire customers. Another proven, free strategy is to list a company on Google Maps, where business owners can even ask customers to post reviews. Finally, relevant online forums are teeming with people who may require a business’ services.