Transit to Play Central Role in Development of Gateway Cities

As executive vice president of Waltham-based Elite Building Corp., Michael Snedeker has helped the company grow from a start-up to a competitive business. Michael Snedeker’s expertise with Boston commercial real estate includes identifying potential properties for development, securing and negotiating to finance for projects, and project acquisitions, among other duties.

Current commercial real estate conversations are centered on the significance of transit in support of Gateway Cities around Boston. Gateway Cities are called so because of their ability to provide economic pathways to both residents and immigrants.

Cities such as Worcester, Lowell, Fitchburg, and Lawrence, create employment opportunities for Boston professionals. However, these workers only have the option of commuting to any one of these cities to work-driving their vehicles.

One major impediment to economic growth is the lack of a rail system that would connect professionals in Boston with their place of work in any one of these cities. To rectify this situation, planners would have to improve rail schedules and make these services faster.