The One of a Kind Lowell Legacy Hotel

Michael Snedeker serves as the executive vice president of Elite Building Corp., a Waltham, Massachusetts-based construction company. In this role, Michael Snedeker identifies potential development projects, negotiates with developers, and helps obtain financing. The company has completed various projects in the greater Boston area and in other cities and towns nearby. One of Elite’s latest construction projects is located in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Known as the Lowell Legacy Hotel, the property is being built on a parking lot and over the Athenian Corner Restaurant, which has been an iconic dining destination in Lowell for over 42 years. The project is Federal tax credit eligible for historic preservation. The landmark restaurant will be rehabilitated and expanded, and the seven-story boutique hotel will feature 52 rooms.

The theme of the hotel will pay tribute to the city and its people, notably the immigrant citizens who helped shape Lowell. Each floor will depict different city neighborhoods and feature nostalgic Lowell decor. There will also be banquet facilities. The Panos family, who owns the Corner Restaurant, take pride in undertaking the project with their partners, and hope the city will look back at this project and also feel a sense of pride.