Boutique Hotels Explained

Michael Snedeker

Michael Snedeker

Michael Snedeker is an experienced real estate and construction executive and the current executive VP of Elite Building Corp in Waltham, Massachusetts. Under the guidance of Michael Snedeker, Elite Building Corp is involved in many projects in the Boston area, including the Lowell Legacy boutique hotel in nearby Lowell.

Boutique hotels started becoming increasingly popular in the 1980s in large metropolitan areas. The definition is of a “boutique” hotel is somewhat vague but broadly speaking, it’s a hotel that has fewer than 100 rooms and offers a set of unique selling points that are characteristic to the hotel and the area.

Boutique hotels rely on charm, ambiance, and service to attract customers rather than broad market appeal. The concept is meant to create a unique experience that a larger hotel can’t replicate by virtue of economies of scale. To that end, hospitality and individuality are key to running a successful boutique hotel.

Travelers who want a little more character, a focus on quality foods, and a taste of local flavor are well-advised to stay at boutique hotels.