Commercial Real Estate Career Opportunities


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University of Massachusetts graduate Michael Snedeker works as a commercial construction builder and commercial real estate developer in the Boston area. Michael Snedeker and other commercial real estate professionals frequently encounter various career opportunities.

A career in commercial real estate is not limited to selling properties. With a real estate license, a commercial real estate professional often has access to the following options:

General brokerage. A commercial real estate professional may act on behalf of a seller or a buyer and assist with the sale transaction for a property. They often work as independent contractors, typically for commission. Additionally, they may focus on a certain geographical market or a specific type of product such as retail, industrial, or investment.

Development. A commercial real estate professional may function as a developer for an actual development or as a project manager. Following the purchase of land for a mall or an office building, for example, a developer works on arranging the finances, negotiating the contracts, hiring the architects and contractors, and overseeing the process from start to completion.

Property management. A commercial real estate professional may serve as a property manager after a purchase or development. In that role, they handle the daily operations, such as staffing, repairs, and maintenance.