Picking a Cigar

Michael Snedeker is a certified business coach through ActionCOACH, the world’s top business coaching franchise according to Entrepreneur Magazine. When he’s not working, Michael Snedeker enjoys riding motorcycles and collecting cigars.

Picking a good cigar is no easy matter. There are several steps to follow and unique preferences to take into account. The first thing to consider is the cigar’s body, which ranges from mild to full and should be both strong yet flavorful. The next important component is the size. Depending on the event or gathering, the cigar size should be larger or smaller in order to be fully enjoyed within given time restraints. For example, since it takes a few hours to smoke, a seven-inch cigar can be good choice for a round of golf. Remember that the length of the cigar is always given in inches and the diameter, called the “ring,” is measured in 1/60s of an inch.

Finally, be sure to look at the cigar’s rating, which is a Cigar Aficionado magazine-developed system that ranks cigars on a scale from 0 to 100. Cigars under 70 generally are not worth purchasing.