A Newcomer’s Guide to Choosing a Good First Cigar

With many entrepreneurial tools at his disposal, Michael Snedeker uses the ActionCOACH system to encourage his clients to enjoy running their businesses. Michael Snedeker’s expertise includes team recruitment, advertising, and systems development.

In his spare time, Snedeker is a cigar connoisseur. What follows are some tips for beginners wishing to start off with a good cigar.

Finding a good first stogie is a matter of expectations. If you pay too much for a cigar you don’t like, it can affect how you feel about the next one. For this reason, spend about $5 to $8. You can find a high-quality cigar without damaging your budget.

The common advice to newcomers is to choose a mild cigar. However, if your taste runs toward strong experiences like coffee and cigarettes, you may wish to try a medium- or full-bodied brand.

If you can’t decide, try all three kinds. If you start with a mild cigar and find it unexceptional, move up to a stronger one.

Select your vendor with care. Find a tobacconist who will offer well-informed suggestions for your first smoke. Avoid gas stations and convenience stores; their cigars will be cheaper, but they will likely not be stored in humidors, which preserve flavor.